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Libra from State of Emergency by MCGriffin
Libra from State of Emergency
Remember this game?? Everybody hated it. For good reason! It has terrible, irreconcilable flaws! But I found my fun in it, and still play it to this day. Click that link below if you wanna know why! (This was my very first Sketchbook Party episode, so I sound nervous and stuttery/mumbly. I challenge you to enjoy it anyway!)…
Malice: My DnD Character by MCGriffin
Malice: My DnD Character
I'm very proud of her. Bard/Fighter. Tavern brawler. Criminal. I have a whole backstory for her... Fuck it. I'll post it in the description, since it's written up anyway!

Malice, the human fighter/bard lady.

Malice is an orphan of a conflict between humans and orcs on a far-off island. Her closest friends were her fellow orphans, all orcs and half-orcs. She was the only human among them. They spent their days robbing, cheating and taking advantage of the mostly human population, and as the years passed they learned more ways to take people for their money. They stole musical instruments and started performing on the street. As they grew older, this skill developed until they were a full-fledged band: The Orphans.

Despite the unimaginative name, The Orphans grew in popularity quickly. They started making more and more money, and played increasingly more prestigious venues. They were signing with musicians' guilds, and performing for Lords. Malice wasn't okay with any of it. Her band mates were acclimating to the straight life, making good off their talent, but despite her musical abilities, Malice became anxious with no outlet for her violence and cunning. After all, they were performing for the same people they used to rebel against.

She couldn't handle it. She left the band amicably, and set off to find where she truly belonged. She always admired the camaraderie of pirates, and the seemingly joyous way they looted and bullied their way around, always together, like a family. So, seeking that same fellowship, she tried to become a pirate. She came up short though. The one pirate she'd ever managed to befriend was a retired undead swashbuckler named Sandy Bones Creely, who was good at pulling strings and calling in favors, but had no crew.

That's how Malice comes into the story, as a free operator just looking to get in where she fits in, and doing odd jobs for Creely to get by.

Malice is a 6'6" tall human woman, built like a truck. She has long black hair that turns white when she uses bardic magic. A lute dangles off her neck like an anchor. Despite her muscular, monstrous build she oozes a rock-star's charisma. Her muscles and cleavage bulge equally beneath her chainmail. Her face is fair, yet bares a scar or two. Smaller men want to climb her like a mountain, and women who never gave the idea of being with girls two thoughts want to melt in her arms. This is something she cultivates intentionally, always drawing people in, but repelling them at the same time. A perpetual engine of heartbreak.

Unfortunately, she uses being both strong and charismatic to compensate for being kind of an idiot. She's not smart, or wise, or especially graceful at the best of times. On top of that she's irresponsible, inconsiderate, is angered quickly, and is easily distracted by vice. She's possibly a sex addict, definitely an alcoholic, clingy despite her antisocial behavior and -for someone in her line of work- shouldn't get pregnant nearly as often as she does. If they diagnosed people with borderline personality disorder back in olden times, she'd be the prime example of it.
Busdriver by MCGriffin
A drawing of my favorite rapper that I did for my youtube show Sketchbook Party. Please if you dig this at all, give it a looksy! The show is still finding it's audience, and if you like gameplay stuff, or my art, or like listening to my voice, you can't do much better!
Hunter Sonic by MCGriffin
Hunter Sonic
Another Bloodborne inspired Sonic-ish bit. This time drawn more from classic Sonic, I guess? I'm not AS proud of this one, and did it first, but I thought I'd post it up too. If you wanna watch the vid that inspired this piece of art, click here to give it a watch. If you dig it at all, please give a subscribe. I'm gonna be playing games and drawing art bits and lots of other fun shit on my channel.
Uh, I wrote a review of TMNT. Spoiler: I didn't like it. But if you want a more nuanced exploration of why it sucks beyond "Michael Bay produced it", give the link below a click.... To be fair, it probably sucks because Michael Bay produced it. But still, that'd be a way short review. There'd be way less cute animations and drawings in a review that short. Oh. Yeah. The review is illustrated and animated, so, if you don't wanna read all of that there's cool pictures to look at. Enjoy!…
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MC Griffin
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
Current Residence: Los Angeles
Favourite genre of music: Underground Hip Hop
Operating System: Power Book G4
Shell of choice: Heat Seaking (Red)

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